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So here I am, sitting in front of the tv.

Today I finished my font-design. :) *yeahyeah* I'm a little proud! It's not a great design but it's my first so I just have to be excited and proud about it! I named it Rapunzel because I made this font for an assignement about fairy tales. I'm making an intro for a movie about Rapunzel. This (intro)video is almost finished, only the music is missing (suggestions very welcome!)...

For my final assignment/work this year I'm making a renovating movie about 3 fairy tales: Rapunzel,Snowwhite and Hansel and Gretel. I want to make it very new and more full-grown. Every person gets his own graphic style and graphic element that suits the movie. Thursday I have my jury! (still a little stressy about that!) *wish me luck guys*

A few minutes ago I was watching a flemish program 'doodgraag leven'. I don't know how to translate this one but it's a program about people who have incurable cancer. This program started a few months ago when my mother was sick and we knew she could not recover from her cancer. It was a hard time,for us and off course for her. My mom died the first of november and I miss her every day even more.

This program and the dead of my mother really makes me think about life. It's a miracle if you wake up every morning... I Hope you all realize this and catch every moment of it. It's not easy, even for me. I can be sooooo sad and mad about these little things...but i just shouldn't, I know.

I hope my mom has find her paradise,
I still miss you.

This one is for you, mum.

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Daedalus Young said...

"Doodgraag leven" can be translated easily to "Dying to live".

Music suggestions, take a look at incompetech.com, lots of music you can use under Creative Commons license.
In additionm aybe Musopen, classical music in Public Domain recordings.
And there are more such sites, like Jamendo, which has Creative Commons music.
I've always been able to find good music on such sites.

melissamilis said...

Melisje is niet zo goed in Engels (meestal ook ni de moeite om op te zoeken!:p)

dankjwel voor die links,kga meteen is een kijkje nemen!


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