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Class Reunion

So Yesterday we had this class Reunion thing. It was nice talking to everyone,however we were only with 6 people and we had about 20 people in our original class. But is was fun chatting and hanging out in this bar we also went to 4 years ago.

When I was back home I felt the need to think about my final project. I'm writing a scenario for this trilogy about fairy tales. I choose Snowwhite, Rapunzel and Hansel & Gretel. I want to do this grown-up version but still with fantasy elements, only more subtle. I'll be working with the meaning of fairy tales: growing up. Every movie of my trilogy will be exposing a part from this 'growing up' theme. I hope it will turn out tremendous. When I finish my script, I'll be posting it here.

for the essay,that goes with it, I search examples from graphic designers who worked with my fairy tales so if you know one... It would be a great help! (Thanks!)

Today I kept working on this script thing and in a few seconds I'm going to watch Privileged (yeah again, I'm all ready watching the 9th episode -muahaha).

So that's it. Christmas is on it's way and I hope you'll all have nice dinners and stuff. *haha.
It will be so dual this year, with losing my mum and stuff. But I'm sure I will be enjoying it, even though I'll be missing her.

Keep it up,
Muchos Amor!

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Anonymous said...

A little birdie told me that you made a fun video last night? :-)

Jan said...

ow yeah, that was me :-)

melissamilis said...

Muahaha. Online SOON baby! :D

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