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STRESSY (auch!)

After the second long night of sleep, I feel a little bit better. (But,uiggghh, I hate being sick *sneezes*!!!)

I woke up with the good advice from Jan in the back of my head: "less stress and keep everything quietly". When I was ready to start my schoolwork, I knew it wouldn't work that way. Mails,notes and questions EVERYWHERE! But still I kept the advice and I tried not to let things go to my head. Meanwhile I started my project for school, a campaign to let people know about the fact that old people(above 60) still have sex (no,it's not a joke:D). We have to make a logo,book and banner for the event "wel oud,niet out". It's a difficult assignment, I think. The concept is set but we still have a lot to do.

Our logo is finished. Just a little preview:

I started from the (fe)male signs and made 60+ with this ones. I also added 'wel oud,niet out", the baseline for the event.
Something else,next week we have jury and it makes me crazy if I think about it! I'm scared (like hell!!!!).

How are you doing?! (waiting for some response here!) :D

Have a great weekend babes and boys,
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Jan said...

eerste comment :)

ik volg deze blog op de voet (duuh)

melissamilis said...

muahahah :) moreel verplicht! en ook fysiek verplicht enzo! :D tot straks!

Daedalus Young said...

Aww, sorry to hear you're feeling sick :( Hope you're better soon.

melissamilis said...

I do feel a little bit better, not great but :)

Daedalus Young said...

Ah yes, well it's that time of the year. I find myself coughing and sneezing too...

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