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So hi guys,

The job I was telling you about is nice. I like working there so that's good new. Can't wait to go back in the weekend.
It was also one of my best friends birthday wednesday so we went to a restaurant to celebrate ( and to talk about our lifes and fears and desires....) It's always fun to chat with her. She's just sweet!

So today I got a call from a newspaper, they liked my project with the balloons and wanted to help me out with the search for helium. It's too expensive for me to pay so they are going to have an advertisement about it. They send a photographer and stuff. Pretty stressy! But the photographer was nice and it went very well. I hope there will be some good people who read it and help me out 'cause I really want to proceed this one.

So that's what's been going on these 2 days.
The newspaper (het belang van limburg)is going to call me on monday to ask if the ad is good... so that's nice. I hope it will be printed next week...

I'm stille pretty scared for school and stuff but I'm gonna do my best.

I had 2 nice days compared with all the things that passed by the last few months.
I still miss my mum but today I saw a movie I made of her when she was in hospital and it made me cry and laugh at the same time. I know she would be pride but in her own way. I'm proud of her too...

Wish you all the bes - love,
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Daedalus Young said...

Ooh nice, in the newspaper. I hope you can send out lots of balloons and they don't all end up in your neighbours' backyards. It's a cool project, so.

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