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I almost finished the website for "'t schanske" (school).

Tomorrow I'm working in a children store (clothing and stuff) for the first time. (http://www.junior-aarschot.be/)
They were searching someone to help them out in the weekends so that's how a got the job. They looked very nice so I'm excited. I'll be working there till February so I can earn some money for my trip to New York in March. I hope it will be enjoyable working with kids.

So wish me luck and have a great day.
Jan is going to be here any minute and we'll be watching the designers ( Lindsey is an old friend of mine) and de slimste mens, Bart De Wever really has to lose today *pleaaassze. Can't stand his ugly face any more :D


ps. O (this is for Jan * he knows what I mean ^^)
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Daedalus Young said...

Aw, it was so sad the girl lost at Blokken today. She's so cute. But yeah, she has 3250 euro and the superprijs.

melissamilis said...

Blokken :D I don't watch blokken... :p hihihi.

And Bart is still there....*snif

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