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Past week (hectic!)

The two past weeks have been very hectic. Here are some pictures from last week.

(behind the scenes: Snow White)
I'm making 3 movies for school (my final project about fairy tales). This are some pictures my boyfriend made while making the video! In these pictures you can see my sister (model), myself and Jan (taking these photo's and helping me out with moving stuff around! ;))

(behind the scenes: Rapunzel) This is a screenshot from Senne, Dorien and me. Dorien's my model, Senne helped me out for the location and I'm filming ^^ It was pretty difficult to get to this location! we had to climb fences and stuff! :D

I've got my new glasses! (and I buyed the gold camera from canon!!!!! (look at my older posts, i adored it!)

I received some new letters from around the country. This one is a prior-letter from France. The lady who found my balloon didn't understand my message, she was french. ^^ I've send about 450 balloons, only got +- 7 back... *dissapointed

I love making small meals. It makes me feel calm.

Sundaynight I'm leaving for New York. We're going to visit the city and some design stuff (muccadesign). I'm excited.
I'll be back Monday (16th March).

Lots of love,
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Senne said...

Haha, grappige foto van ons. We hadden misschien toch wa beter moeten poseren =)

Hou u goed, en tot snel hè!

melissamilis said...

dringen pizza gaan eten wij ;)

hello my dear

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