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Pete = LUL

Yesterday I went to see Fall Out Boy at AB Brussels.
I had a nice time, hanging out with my boyfriend but the FOB act wasn't as good as I hoped. I enjoyed being there but that's it.
We also really got irritated by some (read: many) girls who couldn't stop screaming for Pete.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ZIEoC2cpU) Pete was really taking all the attention and I was irritated as hell. The only thing I can say, they really play well live... it was as perfect as their album, I only missed a good show (like Paramore had).

I took some pictures with my fisheye camera, I'll put them online soon. (Need to develop first)

I had my canon with me too so I'll have some pictures from our trip home to show you :)

I always seem to catch bottles (Paramore, Fall Out Boy). This one landed just in front of me (read: I got some refreshing time) and nobody cared about it lying on the floor (because they all were looking at Pete and this bottle didn't came from him ;)).

Late night kisses

imitating 'the bleeders' from Push. (we know)

Jan and the magic bottle

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hello my dear

i am a girl named melissa, married to a boy named jan. together we are building a house, photographing and filming weddings, dreaming of a creative life, inspiring you all with wedding ideas and learning each day to be happy.


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