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I miss taking photos so much. When I finish my master, I'll be picking up my camera again. it's been 2 years now. I took some time off from my camera and it feels good to be back. I have lots of ideas :) (feeling creative lately). Some projects I'll be working on when school is finished:

-photoshoot with 2 beautiful sisters.
-taking photos for a wedding
-doing a project for Z33 ( culture centre Hasselt)
-making logo's for IFM and a friend

Hmm. looking forward to do this.

Here is some inspiration that I collected when browsing the net!



this one makes me think about my own project :)

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McCall said...

thank you so very much for following my blog:)

i love these teenvogue photos you posted! hope your having a wonderful start to summer!!

free bird. said...

hoe komt het? :(

Senne said...

Als ge eens een schoon mannelijk model nodig hebt...
=) hehe

Daedalus Young said...

"-photoshoot with 2 beautiful sisters."

You mean your sisters? In that case, I fully agree! :D

melissamilis said...

haha, no... not my sis ;)

en senne: zedde op zoek naar modellenwerk ja? :D

Senne said...

Haha, tuurlijk da. Hebt ge mij al eens te goei bezien de laatste tijd?

Ni dus =)

melissamilis said...

en wa zijn uw specialiteiten in't vak? Locatie-spotting vindek u althans goed in ;)

wnn ist nog is reunie? ;)

trishiekoh said...

Those are some great photos..i love the cushions!

hello my dear

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