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My week.

Last week, I didn't feel so good so I decided to do some (online and vintage)shopping. Buy many things and spend only a little. It makes a girl happy, right?
Here are all the new stuff I bought or made (yes I've been making things!) recently and didn't showed you yet.
Have fun.

a new dress I bought a few weeks ago. I bought it online at kapaza. Don't know if I like it or not... what do you think?
Also a few things I collected at vintage stores and stuff.

Visit from Kelvin. Having fun ^^
and making cupcakes (didn't work out the way I wanted - they tasted so good but didn't look they way I wanted- but I'll try it again soon)

Dinner with family on sunday afternoon.

dad makes us laugh.

Jan & me

my dad.

Tessa (sis) and boyfriend Egbert.


Making a necklace with some friends from college. I've missed them because I didn't see them for a while. Afterwards a little drink!


A little preview - I'm making invitations for a birthday party. Work in progress. The testprint is ready this week and I hope to get the final ones next week. More coming soon.

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Senne said...

Als absolute fashion kenner: kvind nog wel een cool kleedjre. Lol.

En Senne on board =) Haha. Ma wa ne foto toch...

melissamilis said...

Ja!! die zijn we vergeten te tonen 's avonds ;)
Jammer ... :)

Dankjewel ;)

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