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Colette & Octavie

I finished the photoshoot with Colette & Octavie.
I've been busy these past few days. I had 2 birthday's this week, a meeting with friends (big secret!), the shoot with Colette & Octavie, my first 2 lessons at syntra and lots of work and meetings. It's been crazy. I have my first exams at syntra next week!!!

Tonight I'm going to 'flash 2000'.
Tomorrow I'm back at syntra and on friday I hope to have some time off with my boyfriend because I haven't really seen him a lot these days and I miss it. On saturday & sunday we have some filming going on (can't tell you more because it is still a secret for some of you- but you'll find it out later).

I hope your week is going well...

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Elke. said...

ohhh zo'n mooie blazer die blauwe! goed gedaan melissa :)
veel succes met die examens! x

Bob said...

Mooie foto's en een heel leuke sfeer!

melissamilis said...

Dankjewel Elke. De blazer was van Colette zelf (altijd mooie kleren die meisjes ;)). Kga mijn best doen op het examen maar nu ik dacht dat ik van het leren af was...begint het opnieuw :p en tis toch ni zo heel gemakkelijk... ;)

Dankjewel Bob! :)

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