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Monday Movie Time: the exploding girl

I can't wait to see this movie. I like the movie poster a lot and I guess (hope) it reflects the movie.

Watch the trailer if you're fascinated:

The movie is about Ivy, a twenty—year—old college student home for Spring Break. She is excited about a developing romance back at school and life is seemingly perfect. When her longtime friend Al finds himself without a place to stay during the break, Ivy and her mother take him in and Al and Ivys friendship strengthens while her boyfriend grows more and more distant. Increasingly distressed about her conflicting feelings, Ivy struggles to keep control, not wanting overwhelming her emotions and trigger her epilepsy. Restrained and meditative, THE EXPLODING GIRL is the exquisite portrait of a young girl coming of age and finding a deeper kind of love in New York City.

I'm curious!
The movie makes me think about Juno, Once and 500 days of summer, I hope it will be something in between.

Will give you my thoughts on this one when I've watched it ;)

Lots of love and a good start of the week,
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saamielola said...

Oh ik ben dol op Juno en The exploding girl lijkt me dan ook een hele leuke film.

Ik zie dat je een grafisch ontwerper bent, wauwie. Ik wil ook grafisch ontwerper worden als ik groot ben.

latanie. said...

Super leuke film he!

severien said...

Ziet er echt een heerlijke film uit, kga em zeker bekijken.

melissamilis said...

@ latanie: heb je hem al gezien ?

@saamielola: grafisch ontwerp is de max! als je de passie voelt, moet je het zeker gaan studeren ;) ben nu al benieuwd voor je...

@ severien: veel kijkplezier ;)

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