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FREDERICK / 2nd MAY 2010

I did a shoot with Frederick this weekend. He's doing his communion the 2nd of may.
Here are some pictures from that day. You can find more at my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Melissa-Milis-Photography/64649157565?ref=ts

and more soon online at my website (www.melissamilis.com), currently updating this one.

at 12:09 PMComments (2)


Vincent said...

www.thesecondofmay.be :-)

melissamilis said...

Vincent, daar moest ik nu is serieus waar, direct aan denken sie ;-) (hihi) ! liefs!

hello my dear

i am a girl named melissa, married to a boy named jan. together we are building a house, photographing and filming weddings, dreaming of a creative life, inspiring you all with wedding ideas and learning each day to be happy.


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