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Sunday Love : Week 22

Here we are with week 22. We had a shoot this morning, normally we shoot on saturday or sunday but Mieke was out with some friends so we rescheduled. This week it's all about 'feeling' the baby. He/she (I'm so curious!) is really trying to connect with his outside world, I guess Jeroen is really happy with that.

Lots of love.
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severien said...

Awww :)

melissamilis said...

denk ik ook altijd als ik die lieve tekstjes lees ;-)

Anonymous said...

awww, prachtige foto! je blog is heel leuk :D x

melissamilis said...

oh! Dankjewel hoor :) x die van jullie ook ;)

ine said...

wow, prachtig project van je:) En telkens weer spontane, leuke foto's!

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