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DO: Auping blog event | Antwerp

Yesterday I got the chance to follow the Auping bloggers meeting and take some pictures as well. A pretty lovely night spend with some blogger girls. Marta thanks for the incredible meal, it was wonderful! Yellow Submarine, thanks for letting us stay at your fantastic b&b/café and to all the blogger girls, thanks for the lovely company. Perfect night out in Antwerp X

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Auping bedden said...

Seems like a great evening! What did Marta cook for you?

melissamilis said...

Yup! Totally!
We had pumpkin soup, spelt pasta with veggies and to end the evening a delicious chocolate cake! Marta did great :) she's a true sweetie!

Auping said...

What a nice pictures! It sure looks like you'va had a lot of fun. We think the event has been a great succes. Thanks for your post and lovely photo's.

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