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Only a few days after shooting the wedding of Gwen and Kristof I got an email from Gwen telling me her father suddenly died and if I could get her some pictures from the wedding for his funeral. They were the last they had from him. It felt unreal to edit the pictures and see him so happy and proud, not knowing this wedding of his daughter would be the last party he attended. Luckily, Gwen and Kristof really knew how to make it a very good one. It was a perfect wedding with the most smiles and happiest people I ever attended. Gwen and Kristof, I know for sure your dad is still smiling over all the good memories you made together on your
wedding day. Never forget you made him and all the people around you (including myself) smile for days and days...

Take a look at the full wedding here.

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hello my dear

i am a girl named melissa, married to a boy named jan. together we are building a house, photographing and filming weddings, dreaming of a creative life, inspiring you all with wedding ideas and learning each day to be happy.


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