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READ // januari 2013

one. I got this one from my aunt Eliane who likes real food as well and I think this is very good to start with if you like to get into clean eating for the first time. This books explains it in a very good way. A plus for me is the beautiful design. Yay Liesbet, you made the perfect drawings to go with this book. You can find her work here. I was happy to help her out in the past as well when she opened her beautiful webshop!

two. If you really would like to eat less bread or grains but find it hard to convince yourself, please read this book. It will help. Promise.

three. One of the books that has been on my shelf for a long time. Still reading it, chapter by chapter. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.

READ will be a new series on the blog where I'll be sharing the books I'm currently reading. The one thing I really promised myself in 2013 and will continue do to in 2014 is reading. It makes me less stressed and I can really lose myself in a book. I'm grateful to have found something like that. I will share some of my books on the blog so you can follow along and maybe read with me. I'm most interested in books about Health, Food, Photography and Design, you'll see ;-)

Enjoy this very sunny sunday. It's perfect.

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