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Michelle + Gijs

You may know Michelle and Gijs from the winter wedding I shot in Amsterdam a few years ago. I had to honour to shoot their civil wedding on a drizzly day in winter but a while later I got an email asking me if I was up for a whole wedding weekend with them in Italy. I knew this was good news because they always dreamed about getting married in Italy but would only celebrate and plan if they had a little baby that could celebrate with them. And so it happened: they got their Italian dream weekend with mountains & sunsets surrounding them while celebrating with lovely food, fabulous speeches, their little son next to them and most of all a lot of happiness and love!

Check out their wedding gallery!

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hello my dear

i am a girl named melissa, married to a boy named jan. together we are building a house, photographing and filming weddings, dreaming of a creative life, inspiring you all with wedding ideas and learning each day to be happy.


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