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Hello readers!

My books are ready for print and it makes my yayks! It's up to the printing office from now on. Monday, my prints will be finished afterwards I'll be binding the books and make covers. Excited :)

The last days have been pretty busy but I also took the time to enjoy the worldwideweb and watch some nice things online. Here are the things that made me pretty happy the last few days.

Art Director,photographer and illustrator Jess Bonham. Like his ideas.

Nice fashion from debydebo. A french designer.

Rik Lee. He got really nice illustrations. take a look at his wordpress (http://riklee.wordpress.com/)

I don't know where i got this from but when I look at it, it makes me think about one of my best friends, Leen. :)

I was like 'wow' the first time I saw these cookies. check out her 'etsy'. It's brilliant :) would love to make some (if i knew how).
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hello my dear

i am a girl named melissa, married to a boy named jan. together we are building a house, photographing and filming weddings, dreaming of a creative life, inspiring you all with wedding ideas and learning each day to be happy.


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