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I woke up with a sweet text message from my boyfriend.I Was totally happy to get up :) I got even more happy when I saw this box with my own balloons in it. They arrived! Yes! Now I've got 500 balloons, ready to share with you. Comment if you want some ;) After checking my favourite websites and mail, I went to the supermarket for some food for me and my family. Coming back, I just had to check my vintage store again. Guess what. I found sunglasses (lafont) and bag (francesco Biasia) again, both 1,5 euros. You can pay up to 400 euros for a bag like that! I'm going to call that little shop, my wonderbox I think. HAHA. Everytime I check the sunglasses or bags, I find some really expensive labels, just lying there, waiting for me to buy them! I took some pictures for you to share ;)

Lots of love,
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Jan said...

ik ik ik ik wil ne ballooooooooon!

melissamilis said...

haha. gij krijgt er zoveel ge wilt (mor geen 500 e)

latanie. said...

hey toffe spulletjes! kringloopwinkels ftw! :D

toffe naamkaartjes ook! ik zal mijne huisstijl ook is erop zwieren!

melissamilis said...

ik kom kijken! :D

Karen. said...

Ik wil ook een ballonnnn!!

melissamilis said...

op de tentoonstelling liggen er Karen :D

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