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I'm back.

OMG, I didn't check my blogger account for more than 5 days now. It's crazy. I guess I'll have to read for hours.
I'm sorry for not posting and reading. I've been so busy (and I still am).

Here are some things that happened in my life (more details this weekend) :

- I've been a model for a day. Yasmin Broos, a good friend of mine asked me to be her model for a fashion shoot. We worked with vintage clothing I bought for my shop. A little sneaky preview for you at the top of this blog. I like this picture a lot :-) You've seen this clothes already (*sorry for that) but when she finishes her assignment, I'll put the other pictures (with new clothes) online.

- I got my first real big 'fight' with Jan since we moved, I slept on the couch. Ugh. * never again?

- We had our last housewarming party at the weekend. We're glad it's over ;-) getting drunk for 5 weeks and having to clean up the house the next day has been fun but it's good now ;-)

- I have my first little shoot for a boy's communion (is this the right way to say 'communie' in english?) maybe one day I'll be a professional photographer (wow! let's hope *fingers crossed)

- Some other good new from my photography world: Fragile ( a dutch clothing line for pregnant woman) got me some clothes to do a pregnancy series. Will be awesome, still in search for some pregnant girls/women, who wants to be photographed (you can mail me if you want). I'm totally excited. I'll pick up the clothes this monday!

- my dad finally got himself a computer * haay daddy, welcome to the www. I'll be making a website for our business soon ;-) *promise.

- bought some really nice dresses at kapaza from:http://redheaded-woman.blogspot.com - she's so sweet, she delivered the dresses herself and got some free things with it. She's like sweet! Will buy from her again!

- I really have to go know. Still working at the shop today but I really wanted to give you a little update on my life.

Weekend is coming so probably I'll give you a big update soon.
All my love.

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latanie. said...

WAUW, mooie foto!

melissamilis said...

Dankjewel! Deze vindek ook geslaagd (maar de andere wat minder qua modelgehalte! lol)

Nanx said...

Uw blog is zo mooi en de lay out ook !

melissamilis said...

Dankjewel Nanx x

Redheaded woman said...

het lief zijn komt van 2 kante. x

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