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sunday Love : Week 21

Sunday (hmm it's past midnight so technically we are Monday ;)).
Time for the pregnancy series. This week I tried to focus a little bit on the father because it's also about him this time. Since we heard the news about the pregnancy, he's just more happy than I can imagine. So happy for them.

hope you still enjoy the series. It's a pleasure to make this one.


ps. tomorrow I'm in Antwerp for some shopping with Jan and I'll be visiting fragile (www.fragile.be). I'll make a new pregnancy series with their clothes. Excited! More about the project this week.

Sleep well x
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Mila said...

LOVE that pic,
it looks so cute!


melissamilis said...

Zeer bedankt Mila :)
heel erg lief van je.

Altijd fijn om te horen dat iemand je foto's mooi vindt.x

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