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Time for UPDATES! :-)

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for not posting this week.
I've been busy (again). I know, my excuses are lame ;-)

Because I didn't gave you much reading lately, here is a HUGE update, just like I promised.

Monday I went to Antwerp with Jan. He took a day off so we could go shopping together (sweet huh?) He doesn't really love shopping much but I still find it very sweet. We bought A LOT ;-) and I went to Fragile, the pregnancy clothing shop I told you about. I made an appointment with Vanessa, a very nice woman who told me more about Fragile. She did help me to pick out the very first clothes I'll be using for my new pregnancy series. I'm still looking for pregnant woman to participate, so if you are pregnant or you know someone who's pregnant, please leave a comment or contact me right away at info(at)melissamilis.com. You get yourself a free shoot with the most beautiful maternity clothing.

We'll be making a series from week 25 untill the last week pregnancy. Every week will be a picture with another girl/woman. So I will be very busy the next few weeks. It's nice to expend my portfolio. I think I have so much more to learn but I'm so ready to learn more. I'm very nervous about the shoots. I hope that's one thing I'll learn from this: getting more and more faith and believe in myself. I hope.

Here are the 5 dresses I picked up on Monday. I took this pictures on my regular dress form so if you want to see the beautifull effect when a pregnant woman puts on these dresses, please visit www.fragile.be

So this project will take lots of my free time.

On saturday I'll be having my first shoot for a communion. I'll be taking pictures with a little boy @ Doel (I got to know this place a little when I was a model for Yasmin, a few days ago). I'm excited to do the very first shoot :)

Back to monday. Like I said: we bought A LOT.
Because I didn't find the time to post a look of the day on tuesday, here's one for today.
I'm wearing some new things I bought.

new cardigan by urban outfitters (50 euros)
(I'm sorry for looking very stupid :-))

New shoes from Tommy Hilfiger (around 45-50 euros I think)

I finally found this perfect green nail polish. I'm really unhappy for not looking better at the sticker 'matte'. This is just a matte nail polish! Ugly as hell (think about paint that dried on your fingertops) so I did 2 coats and a final transparent coat to finish off.

I bought a lot more, just like Jan did. I've been convincing him to do some guestblogging out here but I don't think he's really sure what to write about. So maybe you can help him out. Would you like to read a monthly blogpost from him? What would you like to read from him? :)

I'm ending this post for today.
A lot of new things to post about - later on.
It's time for some television right now. Almost friday, one day left, weekend is coming soon.

Lots of love.

ps. my heart felt spring for the first time this year. My energy levels are hitting air. I love spring, it's my favourite season of the year. Love.
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latanie. said...


Toch ne goeie tip dan, die transparante laag :D

melissamilis said...

idd. Had het zelf ook al in gedachten (maar toch jammer) - nu duurt het veel te lang voor ik weer iets kan doen (drogen enzo) ;-) * zo ongeduldig dat ik ben !

latanie. said...

Ik ga volgende zaterdag! Hopelijk hebben ze hem nog :)

latanie. said...

Ik heb trouwens een adresje opgezocht waar ze OPI hebben! Kan het zijn dat de winkel 'Instant Spa' heette, in de schrijnwerkerijstraat 12 ?

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