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It's time for some exchange!

Well, this blogpost will be in English so Christa will be able to read and follow the post. Some time ago I started chatting with a photographer from Texas. We found out we had quiet a lot in common, off course, we both like photography a lot but Christa actually lived in Belgium for a while and studied here. Her dad lives in Belgium (in Wallonia).

After a few chats and emails, she asked me if it was possible to send some confetti to her because she couldn't find this in the USA. I came up with the idea of making some lovely packages with lovely photographer things. Yes, we did! Mine is still flying over but this is the package I received from Christa.

Thanks Christa for the package,
Sadly, some of the things got broken on their way here. Still... it's so great to open a big pink box.

Thanks Christa! I loved it!
I will blog about my package soon! (I'm not telling yet cause it has to be a total surprise for Christa ;-))

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christa elyce said...

Aw I'm so so sad that some of the lollipops didn't make it. Glad I sent more than one. Hope you enjoyed it and that you can use some of those things as props for your shoot! fun! I can't wait for my surprise! hehee!

melissamilis said...

Hi Christa,

Don't mind the lolli's, one did survive ;-)
Will totally use the props in the future, can't wait! ;-)
Now I'm totally hoping you will get my package soon...

Love, Melissa

Cathy said...

Postpakketjes zijn zo superleuk!!!

Iris said...

Ohhh die camera!! En wat heb je een prachtig verhaal gemaakt van het uitpakmoment! :)

Imelda said...

Superleuke dingen die je gekregen hebt!

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