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FOOD // Oriental Chicken Salad

As I told in a blogpost a few days ago, I started eating very clean this year due to some health problems. I got advice from a few dietitians and decided to cut out all grains, artificial sugar and I also try not to eat carbohydrates and proteins together because it's very hard to digest. Most of my meals contain proteins and vegetables and sometimes carbohydrates and vegetables. More about that topic and the "why?" later :)

I will try to update my blog with some healthy recipes and learn more about food photography inbetween, would love to get better at this, it is something I've never done before and I really want to learn more about it in 2014, it's a little promise to myself. (I start off with this very very bad photograph because I had no natural light at all: boohooh! belgian winter and short days - next time I'll try to photograph at daylight.)

Here is my recipe for Oriental Chicken Salad!


- 2 chicken breasts
- 3 paprikas (yellow, red and green)
- 1 iceberg lettuce
- 1 onion and garlic
- coconut milk
- coconut oil
- turmeric + salt and pepper
- coriander

1. Cook the chicken (i made some broth before i started this dish and used the chicken from this broth, yum!) - pull the chicken apart in smaller pieces

2. Cut the lettuce and place it in a large bowl

3. Bake the paprika's, onion and garlic in some coconut oil and add the chicken after a few minutes, stir everything around and add some turmeric,salt and pepper. To finish off, add some coconut milk to make it a little sweeter. Let it cook for a few minutes until the coconut milk tickens.

4. Pour everything on the lettuce and to finish off - just add some coriander.

Enjoy your healthy meal!

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