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TRAVEL: Eindhoven (NL)

A few weeks ago, Jan and I decided to take a weekend off and go to Eindhoven. We booked a really cute apartment (via airbnb: thanks Fernand!) and off we went. It was so great to just hang out for 2 days and don't think about all the stress factors in our life at that moment. I think we should do this more often. Here are a few images from our trip! Enjoy.

We started our first evening at restaurant Smalle Haven. A perfect place to relax with your loved one. The menu is small but so good! If you like tapas/real food and vintage design, please go here! (for the ladies -I have to admit- going here because a true look-alike of Ryan Gosling works here is just a very pleasant bonus ;-))

After a good night of sleep (hallelujah for the best bed I ever slept in) we went for a little shopping trip at the heart of Eindhoven city. I discovered the vintage shop Doortje and had some bagels for lunch (they have gluten-free ones EVERYWHERE in Eindhoven, so you'll understand I started to feel in love with this place already)

Next stop was Piet Hein Eek, a lovely place outside the city center. We met up with Danique and Bart. (who's wedding I'll be shooting this year *excited look on my face*)

After our wedding-meeting-talk-thingie we visited the painting competition at Piet Hein Eek and met up with Hanke (a wedding photographer as well!) and went for a drink. Lovely time spent with lovely people, I LIKE!

We did some late night bicycling, some late night shopping and got ready for an evening at the light festival glow.

But because of the heavy rain that evening we started off at 'De Burger' - a lovely place with the best burgers you can think off (gluten free again! Yes - learn from this place @The Burgerij Antwerpen!)

Still raining we decided to do the light festival GLOW anyway (but we have to admit, we did go home only after seeing the half of it- shame on us :))

The next day was leaving day already. We packed our suitcases and had another few hours to see some of the lovely things Eindhoven has to offer. It took a little longer to do the things we wanted because we somehow locked ourself out.. #bummer!

We really liked the area of Strijp S and decided to go their for our last day. It's a lovely creative, quiet place with lovely restaurants, shops and graffiti all over the walls :)

We went for a coffee and cake (woops) and 1 hour later we already went for lunch... a day full of eating and drinking, perfect no? :)

We had lunch at Radio Royaal, a very very very beautiful restaurant with a swing in the middle (who doesn't want to swing, admit it) I loved the atmosphere of this place but did think the food/menu could have been maybe more extensive.

And so our weekend ended. I have to admit - I left a little of my heart in Eindhoven and hope to get back soon!

Love, Melissa

PS. all these pictures have been taken with my cellphone. Because it's just a quick and relaxing weekend away with my husband, I think cell phones are the best, they are quick, real and not a hassle.
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